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Zuji - Your online travel companion

We all have tried to book tickets online at some point in time, haven’t we? But one of the biggest struggles that we all face is figuring out where to book from. There are hundreds of websites on the internet and it can be a bit intimidating and confusing to choose the right one. Wouldn’t it be great if you could book all your travel related stuff from a single portal with some amazing offers? A single place where you could do your airlines bookings, hotels bookings and even get some great packages. Enter Zuji. Think of Zuji as your friendly travel agent, but just an online version of it. You get all the benefits and discounts that your agent could offer and much more. 

Zuji – An Introduction

Zuji Homepage

Zuji came into existence back in the year 2002 and has done well ever since. Over the years, the company has earned a lot of awards in the Asia Pacific region, owing to state of the art customer service and quite a few innovative products. Zuji has successfully completed more than 3.5 million trips with its customers. All of this has been possible due to its partnership with over 400 airlines and 150000 hotels across the globe. Apart from that Zuji also has tie ups with car rental companies and insurance firms, which allow it to provide seamless service.

Zuji Singapore has a lot of additional services apart from the bare bones ticket booking. These products and services, which we will get to know in sometime, complement each other. As a consumer, one might not be able to distinguish much, but these integrated services make life much easier for the end user. Not only do you have access to all of these services right from the comfort of your homes, but also get discount codes to further enhance the booking experience. Zuji also ensures peace of mind for you, as the platform is absolutely secured. On an average the website receives more than 60,000 unique visitors on a daily basis, which shows the kind of interest it garners online.

Services on offer at Zuji

  • Flights: Using flights is one of the quickest ways of covering ground if you want to travel to different places. Whether you can to visit a different city in your state or a different country altogether, a flight is your easiest bet. With Zuji you can easily book any of these flights. Since the website has a lot of promotions, you will save a substantial amount on your bookings. 
  • Hotels: To make a trip or a holiday successful, proper planning is of utmost importance. Wouldn’t it be great if you could book hotels way before you set out for a trip or vacation? With Zuji hotel bookings are a breeze. There are a lot of options to choose from and with the right promo codes, you can bring down the costs of your travel. 
  • Packages: Booking flights and hotels together is known as package at Zuji. Instead of booking them separately, you can club them together and get your hands on better discounts. A package is a good way to get hold of cheap flights and even cheap hotels. Addition of a Zuji promo codes can make the booking even sweeter. 
  • Taxis: Quite a lot of travellers face the problem of finding a taxi when they land in a new place. Linguistic barrier usually plays the spoilt sport. However, with Zuji you can book a cab or taxi even before you set out for the journey. Travellers can book taxi service down to exact timings and location. Thereby enabling you to have a great starting experience to your trip and not get bogged down by language as a barrier.
  • Insurance: Something that a lot of travellers do not acknowledge is the importance of travel insurance. People usually back off due to the addition of money to the overall cost. But they potentially miss is a lot of security in the event if anything goes wrong. If you are traveling to Singapore, or any other country for that matter, getting an insurance was never so easy. One can opt for individual insurance as well as an insurance for the family.

How to use Zuji for all your bookings?

If you have any prior experience with online websites, you would know the ease of doing business with them. Booking your travel requirements online with Zuji lets you proceed at any point in time and from any place on the globe. One needs to have access to the internet and you are all set to go. You can begin by visiting the website, where you have the potential of getting some top deals for your next holiday destination or business trip. There are different tabs for the different services that the website offers. The default website will lead you to flight booking tab. You can enter details such as origin and destination, followed by your travel details. It is usually a good practice to book your to and fro tickets at the same time. It makes your work a little bit easier, as you don’t have to book multiple tickets and it is cheaper as well.

Similarly, for hotel bookings you can click the hotels link and enter your destination location and travel dates. It holds good for packages and cab bookings as well. After entering these minimal details, the website scans and presents only the very best deals available to you. Select the hotel or flight or cab service that attracts you. Post that you would need to fill in the traveller details and contact details. Once you are done with these, payment is the only thing standing between you and your booking confirmation. Zuji sends you an email confirmation of the tickets or bookings as soon as it receives the payment. 

Zuji Promo Codes can help you reduce the travel expenses

Sure, you can get your travel bookings done at a lot of places as far as online booking is concerned. However, the benefits of booking at Zuji are quite different from most of them. On Zuji discount coupons are almost always available, which will help you reduce the expenses of a national or international trip. As soon as you visit the website, you will be able to find Zuji promo codes. A lot of these coupon codes have a definite time frame. Should you visit the website within the same, you will be able to avail them. A form of these coupons is called the flash sales. A flash sale usually lasts for a few days to a few hours, but the discounts are quite impressive. Should you visit the website, you can avail offers such as a discount of $25 if the booking amount exceeds $400. 

Hot Deals – Deal you cannot and should not ignore

The home page of the website has a link called Hot Deals. Deals on this page are quite attractive to say the least. Zuji usually runs these promos for travel to different countries and if done so via exclusive partners. For an instance, if you wish to visit Korea and do so with a specific airline, you stand to benefit in various ways. These benefits could either be straight off monetary gains or could be special access such as free lounges or ability to carry additional luggage. These smart deals might not change your experience dramatically, but for sure will enhance the overall experience. Travellers who book return tickets are also rewarded under this deal section.

Gift Vouchers for Special Ones

Haven’t we all faced this situation, where we are at a loss of options when it comes to gift our loved ones? Wouldn’t it be great if you could gift them a voucher that they can actually use for once? Zuji lets you buy gift vouchers for friends and family or whoever you wish instantly. You simply need to enter the amount and provide your contact details. The voucher codes are then delivered to your email id or the recipient’s email id almost instantly. You loved ones can then redeem these codes when every they wish to and for any flight, they wish to board. 

How to Apply Coupon Codes

Applying of coupon codes on Zuji is an extension of the ticket or hotel booking process. The moment you visit the website, you can choose the service you are looking for. The vouchers or discount coupons are usually limited to certain services and cannot be used across different services on offer. You need to select the right service and proceed with providing the traveller’s information. While providing the payment details you can key in the coupon or voucher code that you have. Zuji will immediately intimate you about the benefits of the code that you have just applied.

ShopBack – For even better deals

If you were happy with the deals that you received on your visit to Zuji, here are more reasons to be happy. A simple visit to ShopBack can further increase your savings, thanks to some amazing coupon codes and discount vouchers available on the website from Zuji and many other online travel merchants like Expedia or Agoda. Given the fact that these discounts are on the top of the ones you are already getting, makes it even more amazing. At ShopBack you might get offers with specific debit or credit cards. There are a lot of Zuji coupon codes present on the website and you can pick one based on your travel plans. You could also be entitled to some great cashback offers that the website provides.

Cancellations and Refunds

We all stumble across some unfortunate event of things, which leads to cancellation of plans. If you have undergone something similar and wish to cancel your bookings, it is easy enough with Zuji. You need to login to the website and go to your bookings section and proceed with cancellation. Should you need to modify your bookings, you can do it in the same way. A large number of flight bookings are non-refundable, thus one must be careful with that. Apart from that, if there are any specified cancellation fees, the user must bear those as well. For hotel bookings, the cancellation charges if any are mentioned in the confirmation email. Any refunds arising out of cancellation will be processed via the same payment method you had selected in the first place.

Contact Zuji

Apart from an intuitive user interface for bookings, association with a large number of hotels and airlines and some innovative products, Zuji also has an excellent customer support team. You can search answers for your queries in the FAQ section of the website. If that doesn’t answer your question, you can post a question by dropping an email to their customer service department or drop them a message at one of their official social media pages here:



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